About Me

A friendly look at my experience, skills, and things I love to do.



I’m Heather!

My work history is creative and diverse. From working for film and television Art Departments, to offering Creative Services for Universal Studios, and starting my own side business, I know the highest quality products come from solid research into what users want paired with thoughtful design. There is no more exciting field than emerging technology, so I decided to expand my skills and earn a Master’s Degree in HCI and get involved. I am intuitive, passionate, and driven to create the best products and user experience possible.

I am passionate about making a great products.
I consider all users and audiences.
I strive to make things better than expected.


Ball State University
Ball State University
Indiana University Bloomington/
Ball State University

Master of Arts, Human Computer Interaction
4.0 GPA
Master of Arts, Technology Education
4.0 GPA
Bachelor of Science, Industry and Technology
3.93 GPA


GCEA Educator of the Month Award 2020
Great Lakes Graphics Association - Best Design 2019
Paul Van Holtz Incentive award, GCEA 2019
Graphic Communication Educators Association- Gutenberg Award 2019
ASPiRE Research Grant Recipient 2018

Published Works and Presentations

Did You Say Buttonless? Exploring Alternative Modes of Sensory Engagement for Augmented Reality Storytelling Experiences.
Presented at the International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCII 2020 Denmark)
App to Tabletop: A Physical Digital Game Hybrid (Poster)
Presented at Make, Play, Learn 2020
Seniors and Mindfulness Based Virtual Reality Experiences: Impacts on Quality of Life.
Master’s Thesis
Common Milkweed as an Alternative Cellulose Fiber Source for Making Paper with Strength and Moisture Resistance.
Presented at the TAGA International Conference Minneapolis, MN (2018) and
GCGA Conference Clemson, University (2019)

(Please see my Research page for full details.)

Work History


 Freelance Art Department Graphic Designer

Freelance employers include:

HBO, ABC, MTV, PAX, FOX, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central Leva Filmworks, Absolutely UK and New Line Cinema (1998-2006)

Collaborated with writers, producers, editors and directors to achieve the creative goals of film and television shoots. Managed a small graphic design team maintaining high creative standards with tight delivery schedules. Design work included props, signage, digital graphics, titles, publicity posters, animation, web design, and logos.

Huge amounts of planning and money go into each shoot and everything must be right the first time. This only happens with great communication, planning, and often highly creative problem solving on the fly! Production work showed me incredible things are possible when a team brings their best efforts to a project every day.

The Snug Bug LLC Jan 2011 - Present

Co-Creator and Designer

After the birth of my first son, I took time off of work to stay home with him during his early years. Working in Art Departments makes you a jack-of-all-trades so I sewed up a waterproof changing mat I had in my head. Other moms saw it, and the next thing I knew, my partner and I started an online shop. Since then, we have sold tens of thousands of items and been featured in magazines and mom blogs. Our goal was to create stylish and practical baby products with truly high quality. Our photography, promotional collateral, websites, sewing patterns, and fabric prints were designed by my co-creator and myself.
When working as an employee or freelance, your attention is mainly on a segment of the company’s endeavors. Owning your own business means overseeing every detail to maintain the quality you strive to represent. Fortunately, my past positions gave me experience with switching gears, creative problem solving, producing higher level branding and product integrity.



Teaching Assistant, academic research, project design, presentation design, recruitment, and volunteer mentor
Drawn to Reading children’s bookmark project for the National Book Festival in Washington D.C. Watching students I mentored win a national conference design award and acclaim from the National Science Foundation.
In a diverse room of people (age, gender, politics, background), great things happen when the focus is on thinking the best of the people around you.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment (2006-2008)
Bobit Business Media (2008-2010)

Creative Services Coordinator

Instead of nuts-and-bolts designing being the main function of my job, I worked on the art direction side where our team directed designers with an eye to maintain branding, quality, and messaging for media.

Corporate branding requires a high level of precision and a sharp eye for detail, particularly when working for corporations with extensive titles. I was able to successfully move from the looseness of set/stage work where branding was not a priority to navigating more stringent waters.